W.A.I. is a Trade Union whose main objective is to provide assistance to foreign citizens who want to live in Italy and to promote welfare measures for the assistance and protection of individuals who are currently working.

W.A.I. promotes the knowledge and development of cultural, social, economic, recreational, sporting and religious expressions of foreigners and the dissemination of any information and/or activities useful for their stay in Italiy.

Furthermore, it favors the positive integration of foreigners into the Italian society with particular regard to their rights and duties, to the various opportunities for integration and personal and community growth, putting them in contact with institutions, facilitating access to public and private services, assisting them in connection with the world of studies and work and promoting every event and initiative aimed at their health, social security, legal and welfare protection during their stay in Italy.

W.A.I. also carries out social, linguistic and intercultural mediation activities in order to facilitate relations among foreigners, belonging to different ethnic, national, linguistic and religious groups and Italian public administrations.

W.A.I. is committed to establish agreements with the major partners on the market to improve the social, cultural and supportive conditions of its members.

W.A.I. develops integrative welfare programs in order to favor the transition from school to work, employment, development of skills, entrepreneurship and promotes initiatives aimed at favoring projects and social investments that integrate public and compulsory welfare.

The fundamental rules guaranteeing our
trade union activity