Workers Rights In Italy: Article 1 And Article 36 Of The Constitution

Article 36 of the Italian Constitution is a firm guarantee of the national legal system. It comes back to the fore every year on the occasion of the First of May, a holiday that rarely receives the right attention. Yet even on Workers’ Day, Article 36 of the Constitution is outclassed by the famous Article 1. In light of the tensions between politics and the various trade union strikes frequently called in our country, Welcome Association Italy has decided to dedicate this short article to workers’ rights in Italy. In these moments of political and social tensions, we would like to remind our readers of the value of Article 36 of the Constitution, and then unravel the differences with Article 1.

What Article 36 Of The Constitution states

“A worker shall have the right to remuneration commensurate with the quantity and quality of his work and in any case sufficient to ensure for himself and his family a free and dignified existence. The maximum length of the working day shall be determined by law. The worker shall have the right to weekly rest and paid annual leave, and may not waive it.”

The National Identity Card Number and the Importance of the Document

The national identity card number is the main recognition tool in Italy from an administrative and bureaucratic point of view. It is an alphanumeric code found on both the paper identity card (ID) and the electronic one (EID). The ID card number is the result of a set of data inherent to the owner that allows state bodies and public institutions to fully recognize the individual. For this reason, the ID card is a very important tool for both Italian and foreign citizens who decide to live in Italy.

The Italian Beauties: the Venaria Reale

Welcome Association Italy uses to provide every kind of support to its associates because the relation that ties the trade union with its members goes beyond the mere offer of services.

For this reason, Welcome Association Italy promotes, supports, and shares information that could result interesting to its members: from the composition of our combo for extra EU citizens that come to Italy to study to the events that the trade union organizes, to the best places to visit in Italy for tourists or students

Today we are going to introduce or present one of the most appreciated places in Turin, namely the Venaria Reale.