Conventions and traveler protection

Are you planning a trip to Italy or abroad? Leave with greater confidence and peace of mind with the discounts we have dedicated to you.

Conventions for courses
of education and language

Are you a foreign student and do you want to learn the Italian language? Find out the best solution for you.

Health Care Conventions
with partner facilities

A team of social-health professionals will be available to members through dedicated agreements. See all our partners.

Affiliated network
of CAFs and Patronages

Do you need help filling out the residence permit application? Your tax declaration? or do you need to start the paperwork for family reunification? Find the closest tax assistance center (in italian CAF) to your area.

Conventions for services
financial and banking

Are you a resident in Italy and do you want to open a bank account from home without fees? Learn about our convention.

Legal aid facilitation

Do you need clarification in civil, criminal, tax, corporate, occupational safety, international, EU law and immigration law? Get help from a legal team that is always available for you.