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Health coverage, tax and legal assistance, intercultural mediation and facilitated services for all foreigners who want to live permanently or for short periods in Italy.

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Non-EU requesting entry visa

Non-EU citizen applying for an entry visa up to 90 days.

Non-EU requesting residence permit

Non-EU citizen applying for residence permit over 90 days.

EU requesting registration at Registry Office

EU citizen applying for civil registration up to one year.

Welcome Welfare

Italian citizen or foreigner residing in Italy with a long-term residence permit.


On 04/05/2024, in Rome at the address of Via Cesare Fracassini 13 A/B, the event “Stories of Women: The Diversity that Enrichs Italy” was held with great success, organized by the Welcome Association Italy in collaboration with prestigious partners such as the Italian-Arab Association Assadakah, the Union of African Communities of Italy (UCAI), the communication platform Vox Mundi wr, and the Cultural Association “Mangiaparole – Scuola di italiano”. The event was a moment of profound…

Article 36 of the Italian Constitution is a firm guarantee of the national legal system. It comes back to the fore every year on the occasion of the First of May, a holiday that rarely receives the right attention. Yet even on Workers’ Day, Article 36 of the Constitution is outclassed by the famous Article 1. In light of the tensions between politics and the various trade union strikes frequently called in our country, Welcome…

If you are a citizen of a non-EU country and have opted for an Italian degree program, it is essential to fulfill the Italian language proficiency criteria before commencing your university studies. One good way to satisfy those requirements is providing a valid Italian language certification. It is advisable to plan beforehand and not leave this “job to be done” until the last moment. Some Italian language exams or certificate evaluations might occur after the…

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