Health coverage, tax and legal assistance, intercultural mediation and facilitated services for all foreigners who want to live permanently or for short periods in Italy.

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Non-EU requesting entry visa

Non-EU citizen applying for an entry visa up to 90 days.

Non-EU requesting residence permit

Non-EU citizen applying for residence permit over 90 days.

EU requesting registration at Registry Office

EU citizen applying for civil registration up to one year.

Welcome Welfare

Italian citizen or foreigner residing in Italy with a long-term residence permit.


Have you ever imagined going to live in a country celebrated for its deep-rooted history, world-class cuisine, and stunning landscapes? If you want to retire in Italy, this might just be the perfect spot to realize your dream. This picturesque country attracts retirees from across the globe, drawn by the promise of a tranquil yet enriching lifestyle amidst Italy’s scenic beauty. But embarking on this exciting phase of life in Italy requires careful planning and…

Rome, June 19, 2024 – Welcome Association Italy, represented by Deputy National Secretary Carlo Palumbo, participated in the nineteenth edition of the Observatory on Migration in Rome and Lazio, a highly relevant event for the monitoring and analysis of migration phenomena in the region. The event was held at the prestigious Sala della Protomoteca on the Capitoline Hill, a historic and symbolic place in the city of Rome, which provided an ideal setting for discussions…

Rome, June 12, 2024 – Welcome Association Italy is pleased to announce the participation of Deputy Secretary, Carlo Palumbo, in the exclusive event “Wine Tasting & Experiences Day,” a charity auction organized in support of Emergenza Sorrisi – Doctors for Smiling Children, a non-profit organization with which our association actively collaborates. Emergenza Sorrisi – Doctors for Smiling Children ETS is an association that has been working since 2007 to restore hope to children with severe…

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