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Health coverage, tax and legal assistance, intercultural mediation and facilitated services for all foreigners who want to live permanently or for short periods in Italy.

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Non-EU requesting entry visa

Non-EU citizen applying for an entry visa up to 90 days.

Non-EU requesting residence permit

Non-EU citizen applying for residence permit over 90 days.

EU requesting registration at Registry Office

EU citizen applying for civil registration up to one year.

Welcome Welfare

Italian citizen or foreigner residing in Italy with a long-term residence permit.


On 16/05, the event “Sudan between war and peace: the role of humanitarian organizations” took place at the now well-known location at 13 A/B Via Cesare Fracassini, Rome. The strong and enduring synergy and communion of values between Welcome Association Italy and the Italian-Arab  Association Assadakah provided a context and pretext to discuss and analyze the current situation in Sudan, a country in sub-Saharan Africa infamous for the conflicts that tears it apart. The success…

On 08/05, National Vice Secretary of Welcome Association Italy, Carlo Palumbo, took part in the art exhibition “Contemporanea-mente,” sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Italy. The event, promoted and hosted by the Iraqi Embassy, found valuable support from Welcome Association Italy. In fact, our trade union has long been committed to promoting cross-cultural understanding and collaboration among people of different backgrounds and origins. The event, attended by several ambassadors, opened with…

On 02/05, a debate focused on public health, solidarity and disease prevention was held at the Refectory Hall of Palazzo San Macuto in Rome. Welcome Association Italy attended the event at the invitation of Professor Foad Aodi, president of Uniti per Unire. Moderated by Knight Dr. Chiara Benedetta Rita Varisco, the cultural afternoon was attended by numerous associations, health professionals and prominent speakers. The event, organized by the National Union of Knights of Italy section…

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