Health coverage, tax and legal assistance, intercultural mediation and facilitated services for all foreigners who want to live permanently or for short periods in Italy.

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Non-EU requesting entry visa

Non-EU citizen applying for an entry visa up to 90 days.

Non-EU requesting residence permit

Non-EU citizen applying for residence permit over 90 days.

EU requesting registration at Registry Office

EU citizen applying for civil registration up to one year.

Welcome Welfare

Italian citizen or foreigner residing in Italy with a long-term residence permit.


Let’s go on with our new blog section, thought to guide you through useful curiosities and practical advice about visiting the most famous Italian cities. For the second episode of our column on Italian top cities, here is a comprehensive guide to the city of Naples. This town rich with layers of history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking vistas, is a must-visit destination on any Italian itinerary. Recognized globally for its deep historical roots, dramatic coastal…

Rome, July 4, 2024 – Welcome Association Italy is pleased to announce its participation in the literary event “Unpublished Tales from the Middle East,” held on July 3, 2024 at the Horafelix Literary Café, Via Reggio Emilia 89, Rome. The event, organized in collaboration with the Italian-Arab Assadakah Association, offered a unique opportunity to learn more about the dynamics of the Middle East. The meeting featured renowned reporter and war correspondent Talal Khrais, an expert…

Great success for the event “Building the future: education, health and sports for integration” Rome, June 27, 2024 the long-awaited event “Building the future: education, health and sports for integration” was held. Organized by Welcome Association Italy (WAI) and the United to Unite Association, founded by Professor Foad Aodi, the event also saw the active participation of Radio CO-MAI International and the International Multilingual School Union for Italy. Participation and Quality of Interventions The event…

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