5 steps to Get the Residence Permit for Study Reasons

The Welcome Association Italy union, through its Association division, makes packages available to non-EU citizens containing the health coverage required by the Italian authorities for obtaining a visa or residence permit. Among the various reasons available, there is the study reason.

Today we will try to summarize in five simple steps how to obtain a residence permit for study purposes.

Family Reunification Visa for Tunisian Citizens: How to Apply

Welcome Association Italy provides support to foreign citizens that require a Visa or Residence permit in Italy. The above-mentioned support concretizes the possibility of purchasing our Welcome Combos. These packages include the healthcare assistance and, the healthcare coverage required by the Italian authorities. However, our combos are subordinated to the reason for the Visa/Residence permit.

Today we are going to introduce the Family reunification Visa for Tunisian citizens.

Partners of Welcome Association Italy: The Institute Il David

Our organization “Welcome Association Italy” is a Trade Union that assists foreign citizens in Italy, by offering them help with different services from health coverage for entry visa purposes (as required by Italian authorities), assistance for residence permits or registry records, including in the Welcome packages, to Accommodation services (in several Italian cities) and university and professional courses, part of the Academy division.