Welcome Association Italy offers numerous prestigious facilities in partnership with organizations that share the importance of creating synergies to provide new and continuously updated benefits and services for our members.
Welcome Association Italy ensures that each partner brings its specific expertise, with the goal of offering the best solutions for each individual need.
To be eligible for our economic benefits, membership is mandatory.

Our facilities:

Why choose W.A.I.?

Welcome Association Italy provides ongoing support to members, offering comprehensive assistance from the membership stage to all the subsequent steps. Our Welcome Assistants are always available to provide useful information, helping those visiting Italy for the first time and those already staying in our country.

Welcome Association Italy offers conventions with high-level partners, ensuring quality and reliability. Thanks to our partnerships with foreign communities in Italy, we provide a welcoming and eventful environment that fosters social interaction and integration of foreigners.

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WAI offers you a discount code to travel with peace of mind, knowing that you are covered at home and abroad and seek assistance in case of inconveniences and problems that may arise while traveling, whether for pleasure or business.
You will be able to choose the solution that best suits your needs from:

  • Protection for foreign travel (up to 60 days): with unlimited H24 health care, direct payment or reimbursement of medical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses, and more, such as baggage or liability cover
  • Protection for study or internship travel abroad for 18-35 year olds: A comprehensive package with unlimited H24 health care, direct payment or reimbursement of medical expenses, baggage and liability for personal injury or property damage.
  • Visa Health Protection: required to obtain an entry visa in countries that require it as mandatory, with unlimited H24 care, payment of medical expenses for illness or injury, and baggage guarantee.
  • Protection for those traveling in groups (minimum 10 people): guarantees worldwide H24 health care, direct payment or reimbursement of medical expenses, and more, such as baggage coverage or liability guarantee.
  • Protection for business travel: both short term and temporary relocation abroad, unlimited H24 assistance, direct payment or reimbursement of medical expenses and liability.

ProntoPacco For you who shop on the Internet, the online service that gives you the option of having goods delivered to Bars, Stores and Garages (ProntoPacco Points) instead of to your home.
Shop online, choose the ProntoPacco prontopacco.co.uk location most convenient for you, entrust the package and pick it up.

The ACI Delegation ” San Lorenzo ” is a historic agency located in the Roman neighborhood of the same name. Its activities are mainly focused on operations concerning the nationalization of foreign cars in Italy and the management of insurance and financial services.
W.A.I. members will be able to access typical ACI Agency activities (property transfers, license renewals, duplicate registration and ownership certificates, etc.) by taking advantage of a dedicated discount.

The Digital Art Museum is an environment completely explorable which contains the digital artworks of artists chosen by all over the world
DAMA is a new art space where the visitor can know emerging artists and experience what they want to convey with a unique and new way of visiting a museum
In the museum, the different aspects of digital arts, are connected to perfection.

ASSADAKAH, is an existing and operational Italian-Arab Association–of which Talal KHRAIS is always a qualified and qualifying reference–recognized and appreciated by the Arab League and throughout the world (not only Arab). An Association that continues to maintain a very high level of information and management of cultural and political relations, also thanks to the accession of new members, exponents of high professionalism in the international legal field, art, culture, communication, environment, institutional and diplomatic relations, and Italian and foreign business relations.