Welcome Combo for non-European Union citizen requesting entry permit in Italy up to 90 days for religious reasons, tourism, medical treatment companion and sporting events.


Membership Fee

Insurance Coverage

Stamp Duty


122€ (VAT included)

What is included in the combo

  • Updates on events promoted by the Association and on all the news concerning immigration and welfare
  • assistance in filling out paperwork to regularize stay in Italy (residence permits);
  • information on banking agreements (current accounts, mortgages, loans, etc.) and insurance;
  • news on health benefits offered by partner medical centers;
  • tax and legal assistance for individuals and companies;
  • discounts for training courses dedicated to members.


Reimbursement of medical expenses

Urgent hospital services (NHS) due to sudden illness or injury:

  1. in Italy, including Vatican City and the Republic of San Marino, without spending limits;
  2. in countries participating in the Schengen agreement with a spending limit of € 30,000.00.


  • Healthcare return without spending limits

The Coverage is vaild up to the completion of the 75° (seventy-fifth) year of age.

Services provided by Generali Italia S.p.A. –Consult the information set

  • Medical consultation by phone;
  • sending a doctor home in Italy in case of urgency;
  • transfer to a hospital in Italy;
  • return from the hospital in Italy;
  • access to the network of affiliated clinics;
  • travel of a family member in Italy in the event of an accident;
  • interpreter available in Italy in the event of an accident;
  • sending an ambulance home to Italy;
  • pediatric / geriatric / gynecological / cardiology consultation by phone;
  • second medical opinion for further in-depth-analysis of the first diagnosis;
  • recommendation of a specialist doctor in Italy;
  • delivery of medical results at home in Italy;
  • adaptation of the house (disability 70%) in Italy.

Services provided by Europ Assistance Italia S.p.A. –Consult the information set