Study In Italy: The Residence Permit You Need

The residence permit for study purposes is the title that allows non-EU citizens to spend part of their university career in Italy. It is fair to reiterate that among the reasons that bring millions of foreigners to Italy, there are more than magnificent cities of art, breathtaking landscapes, and millenary culture. A large portion of our members are international students who choose Italian academic institutions for their education. For this reason, today we will discuss the residence permit to study in Italy, in particular the documentation to be presented and how to obtain the permit.

Why Study In Italy?

We have often dealt with the subject of academic excellence, presenting the most important Italian universities, united by a synergy with our trade union to fully protect international students. In which way? Thanks to the Welcome Combo for non-EU citizens seeking a residence permit in Italy for more than 90 days for study purposes. This is a set of services that allow international students to obtain a residence permit to study in Italy. Before understanding what this package includes and why Welcome Association Italy is so useful for non-EU citizens, let’s look at the procedure for requesting a residence permit.

Request for an Italian Tax Code for Foreigners, How to Obtain it

The fiscal code request is a very important procedure for a foreign citizen arriving in Italy. With this document, which takes the form of a card, foreign citizens can use certain public services and, at the same time, get in touch with the public administration. The Italian tax code is often associated with the health card, a document that indicates a subscription to the National Health System. Anyway, the purposes and uses of the two documents differ, especially when dealing with foreign citizens.