The Vacation Work Visa For Italy

The vacation work visa is a permit used by non-EU citizens who decide to spend some quality time in Italy. As the reason for the permit suggests, this document allows non-EU citizens to stay for more than 90 days, for work or simply for a holiday. Having said that, it is necessary to unravel several points related to this particular residence permit for Italy, for example, who can apply for it? How can one apply for it? What documents have to be submitted? In this short article, we will examine the most frequently asked questions about it.

Business Visa For Italy: All You Need To Know

The business visa for Italy is a document that allows the holder to stay within a limited time and for certain reasons in our country. Welcome Association Italy, which has always been committed to simplifying the arrival of EU and non-EU citizens in Italy, has expanded its package offer to include this new reason. What is a business entry visa? Who can apply for it? What documentation must be presented to obtain this title? These are the questions we will try to answer in this article.

Jobs in Italy: Seasonal Work and Permit Conversion

There are different kinds of jobs in Italy, for instance, seasonal work. It allows EU and non-EU citizens to transit through Italy, thanks to the signing of special employment contracts regulated by Italian collective agreements. A foreign citizen can obtain a seasonal subordinate job in Italy when he receives a subordinate job offer. Only after the offer will the worker be able to convert his residence permit into one for subordinate work. The Italian authorities issue this type of permit/conversion respecting the quota established by the Decreto Flussi law.