Contemporanea-mente: Welcome Association Italy meets art

On 08/05, National Vice Secretary of Welcome Association Italy, Carlo Palumbo, took part in the art exhibition "Contemporanea-mente," sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Italy. The event, promoted and hosted by the Iraqi Embassy, found valuable support from Welcome Association Italy. In fact, our trade union has long been committed to promoting cross-cultural understanding and collaboration among people of different backgrounds and origins. The event, attended by several ambassadors, opened with greetings from His Excellency Saywan Sabir Mustafa Barzani. The exhibition featured distinguished figures from the art world, including:
  • Karen Thomas: International artist and great friend of Welcome Association Italy.
  • Mauro Russo: Professor at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.
  • Nestor Bernardi: Renowned Italian painter.
  • Amjed Rifaie: Master of Arabic calligraphy.
The presence of National Vice Secretary Carlo Palumbo added value to the event, highlighting Welcome Association Italy's commitment to fostering dialogue and promoting the values underlying the trade union's work, namely inclusion, diversity and integration. The invitation to the art exhibition, which came from international artist Karen Thomas, allowed Welcome Association Italy to connect with artists from different traditions and cultural backgrounds, thus helping to create an atmosphere of openness, inclusion and mutual enrichment. The event provided a unique opportunity for artists and art lovers to share ideas, experiences and visions, promoting mutual understanding and appreciation among the different cultures represented.

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