Welcome Association Italy National General Council and Fast Confsal Federation Conference on New Generations.

On 04/06 and 05/06, the National General Council of Welcome Association Italy met in Montesilvano, in the province of Pescara.The plenary session addressed the consideration and approval of the final 2023 budget and the 2024 budget. This crucial moment was an excellent opportunity to discuss key issues for Welcome Association Italy, from institutional activities to be developed and strategies to improve the stay of our members. "Participation in this conference is an important opportunity for us to share ideas and projects with the new generation of the Fast Federation," said Deputy National Secretary Carlo Palumbo. The National Secretary, proponent of the convocation and chair of the Secretariat body concluded the General Council by stating, "It is crucial that we work together to build a better future for our members by continuously improving our offerings and services." In conjunction with the National General Council, the union actively participated in the conference of the Fast Confsal Federation. Dedicated to the theme of New Generations, our participation as a confederate body had a twofold purpose:
  1. Promote the content and contributions of new generations within the Fast Federation;
  2. Bring together all regional officers and the secretariat to fulfill the statutory obligations of Welcome Association Italy.
Welcome Association Italy continues its commitment to providing quality support and services to its members, paying special attention to the needs of the younger generation. Our presence at the Fast Confsal Federation conference further strengthens our dedication to these goals and reinforces our collaboration with our union partner.

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