Welcome Association Italy: Who We Are

Welcome Association Italy (W.A.I.) is a trade union that assists Italian, EU, and non-EU citizens. The services are aimed at facilitating the stay in Italy of every associate. The trade union’s guiding intuition is to offer concrete support in areas that may be most critical for its members. In line with this ambition, three divisions were created:

Gender Equality Wanted: Role Model From the Mauritanian Ambassador

Women have always been the symbol of motherhood, peace, tolerance, and compromise. Despite that, even in 2023, we witness the dynamics of the so-called “glass ceiling”, an invisible barrier that many women find as an obstacle in their careers. Today in Italy, we have a woman Prime Minister (the first since 1948) as well as a woman secretary of the first opposition party (first time). Do these two leading figures on the Italian political landscape finally mark a paradigm shift in Italy?

Virtual Museum: the DAMA Gallery

The Welcome Association Italy trade union promotes assistance to its members. Assistance, the real cornerstone of our work, takes the form of different ways, from the provision of our Welcome Packages for non-EU, and Italian citizens, in search of accommodation, to the provision of university services.

The possibility of using these services derives from the large network of collaborations and partnerships that the union has created throughout its history. Today we will talk about a collaboration with an artistic-associative connotation, namely the DAMA Galleria.

WAI and ACR launched the Roman Taste Aperitivo event

Welcome Association Italy is a trade union whose mission is to support its member in a wide variety of ways and fields. The trade union’s philosophy is based on “open” architecture in continuous evolution, capable of adapting the offer to the needs dictated by social, cultural, and economic changes that affect our members.

Given the ambitious target to reach, our trade union is shaping its partnerships with organizations that share the importance of networking. The continuous search for synergies paves the way for the numerous services that Welcome Association Italy, along with its partners, provides to its members.

On Friday 11 November, Welcome Association Italy announced its latest collaboration with an important partner that shares the very same values, namely the American Club of Rome.

Discover the Benefits of Our Partner CFK

How can we improve or simplify the situation of our members? That’s our goal, assists always our members by providing the best services. But an ambitious mission cannot be fulfilled alone.

For this reason, Welcome Association Italy continuously works on improving and enhancing its wide network of partners specialized in defined fields. For instance, we have developed important partnerships with private universities to provide language courses and other partnerships with estate agencies with the aim of providing accommodation services.