Welcome Association Italy offers numerous prestigious facilities in partnership with organizations that share the importance of creating synergies to provide new and continuously updated benefits and services for our members.
Welcome Association Italy ensures that each partner brings its specific expertise, with the goal of offering the best solutions for each individual need.
To be eligible for our economic benefits, membership is mandatory.

Our facilities:


  • Bureaucratic support for old age, disability, inability, survivor, early retirement pensions
  • Pension with foreign states under international convention
  • Sickness, maternity, unemployment and accompaniment benefits
  • Verification of insurance position and tax contribution
  • Reconciliation, reconstitution and totalization
  • Redemption of insurance and contribution periods
  • Pension supplements and supplementary pensions
  • Establishment of insurance position
  • Crediting of notional periods
  • Accrued uncollected accruals
  • Authorization for voluntary contributions
  • Pension proxies and transfers at post offices and banks
  • Family unit allowance
  • Occupational accidents and occupational diseases
  • Information and assistance to young college students
  • Balneo-thermal cures
  • Interventions toward social services provided by regional and national laws


  • Assistance in the processing of 730 form ,the Modello Unico form and transmission to the Agenzia dell’Entrate
  • Telematic transmission of F24 forms with automatic debit or compensation
  • Telematic transmission of all types of tax returns
  • Land Registry Visits
  • Comprehensive assistance for IMU and TASI
  • Assistance preparing the indicator of equivalent economic situation (ISE/ISEE).
  • Filling out forms for Energy Bonus, Gas Bonus, Family and Maternity Allowances, Isee University
  • Responsibility Statements Inps ICRIC, ICLAV, ACCAS PS (pensioners, invalids, holders of the accompanying pension or social pension)
  • Filling out the RED form, the income data reporting form required of retirees by INPS
  • Assistance and compilation of Succession Practices, including the volture (transcription) at the Land Office (Cadastre) to the heir
  • Lease contracts: advice and assistance

Why choose W.A.I.?

Welcome Association Italy provides ongoing support to members, offering comprehensive assistance from the membership stage to all the subsequent steps. Our Welcome Assistants are always available to provide useful information, helping those visiting Italy for the first time and those already staying in our country.

Welcome Association Italy offers conventions with high-level partners, ensuring quality and reliability. Thanks to our partnerships with foreign communities in Italy, we provide a welcoming and eventful environment that fosters social interaction and integration of foreigners.

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Thanks to an agreement with the Fast union, W.A.I. member will be able to take advantage ofthe “Confsal” patronage and CAF network. Services are provided to all members and their family members on subsidized terms.


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