Thanks to an agreement with the Fast Syndicate, the W.A.I. member can benefit the “Confsal” patronage network and CAF. The services are aimed at all members and their families at favorable conditions.


  • Assistance for the elaboration of the income tax return form (Modello 730 and Modello Unico) and transmission to the Revenue Agency
  • Online transmission of the F24 form with automatic charge or compensation
  • Online transmission of all types of tax returns
  • Cadastral documents
  • Complete assistance for Unified Real Estate Taxs (IMU and TASI)
  • Assistance organization of the equivalent economic situation (ISE / ISEE)
  • Compilation of forms for Energy Bonus, Gas Bonus, Family unit and maternity allowance, ISEE University
  • Statements of liability of the National Social Welfare Institution ICRIC, ICLAV, ACCAS PS (retirees, invalids, social security and invalidity pension holders)
  • Compilation of the RED model, the model for communicating income data required from the National Social Welfare Institution retirees
  • Assistance and compilation of Succession Paperwork, including the transfer of registration (transcription) at the Office of Territory (Real Estate Registry) to the heir
  • Rental Contracts: consultation and assistance


  • Old age, incapacity, invalidity, reversibility, early pension
  • Pension with foreign countries under international agreement
  • Sickness, maternity, unemployment and accompanying benefits
  • Verification of insurance and contributory situation
  • Reconnection, reconstitution and totalization
  • Redemption of insurance and contribution periods
  • Pension supplements and supplementary pensions
  • Establishment of an insurance situation
  • Crediting of figurative periods
  • Accurals not collected
  • Authorization for voluntary payments
  • Proxies and pension transfers to post offices and banks
  • Family unit allowance
  • Accidents at work and occupational diseases
  • Information and assistance to young university students
  • Balneo-thermal treatments
  • Interventions towards social services provided for by regional and national laws

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