13 And FOLLOWING. European Regulation n. 679 of 2016 (GDPR)


Subject of the processing

This consists in the acquisition, by Welcome Association Italy (W.A.I.), during thisphase, exclusively of the E-mail address provided by you.


Purpose of the processing and mandatory provision of the E-mail address

The processing of your personal data (E-mail address) is carried out exclusively so that you are allowed to continue the membership procedure with Welcome Association Italy (WAI) and for this reason the failure to enter your E-mail address will make it impossible to continue with the procedure itself.


Recipients of personal data

Your personal data (E-mail address) will not be the object, at this stage or for the entire duration of the registration procedure until its completion, of communication to any third party. Following your participation in Welcome Association Italy (WAI), as per detailed information that will be provided to you during the continuation of the online membership procedure, and in any case before it is completed, the categories of third parties will be indicated to whom your personal data may be communicated to for the sole purpose of benefiting from agreements reserved for Members.


Duration of data retention

If you complete the on-line membership procedure with Welcome Association Italy (WAI), the E-mail address, just as any other personal data that will be provided later in the procedure, will be kept for a time period not exceeding the achievement of the purposes for which they were treated and, in any case, at least for the entire duration of the membership; moreover, from the moment of termination, for whatever reason, of the membership, your personal data will be stored for a period of 10 years pursuant to art. 2220 Civil Code (“Conservation of accounting entries”). In the event that, following the conferment to Welcome Association Italy (WAI) of your E-mail address, you decide not to complete the on-line membership procedure with Welcome Association Italy (WAI) your data personal data collected (E-mail address) will be permanently deleted, with secure means, after 40 days from the conferment of the same. From this moment on, moreover, you will not receive E- mails reminding you to complete the Welcome Association Italy (W.A.I.) registration procedure, newsletters and informative E-mails regarding the activity of Welcome Association Italy (W.A.I.).


Rights of the interested party

You have the right at any time, pursuant to art. 15 and following of the European Regulation n. 679 of 2016, to access your data, to request correction and cancellation, by sending an E-mail to