5 steps to Get the Residence Permit for Study Reasons

The Welcome Association Italy union, through its Association division, makes packages available to non-EU citizens containing the health coverage required by the Italian authorities for obtaining a visa or residence permit. Among the various reasons available, there is the study reason. Today we will try to summarize in five simple steps how to obtain a residence permit for study purposes. 1) Get a Study Visa in Your Country of Origin The first step is to examine the documents and requirements to be able to apply for a residence permit for study purposes once you arrive in Italy. This is possible only if the country of origin has issued the necessary documentation for arrival in Italy, i.e. a visa. 2) Travel to Italy The second step is the arrival in Italy. Once landed, the non-EU student has eight days available to apply for a residence permit with study motivation. 3) Application for a Residence Permit The request is submitted by sending the postal kit to the Italian post office. In addition to the yellow stripe form, for non-EU citizens, it is necessary to attach other documents, such as for example the health coverage that covers the stay in Italy, a copy of the passport, etc. 4) Be Present at the Appointment with the Police Headquarters Once the postal kit has been forwarded, duly completed and with the required attachments, a receipt will be issued with administrative value. This receipt regularizes the non-EU citizen up to the time of the appointment at the Police Headquarters for the photodactyloscopic surveys. 5) Issue of the Residence Permit After weeks, and in some cases the months, following the appointment at the Questura, the residence permit card will be delivered to the personal address.   Now you just have to enjoy the experience of studying in Italy!!! By following these five simple steps, the extra EU citizen will be able to apply for and obtain a residence permit for study purposes in Italy.

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