“Stories of Women: The Diversity that Enrichs Italy”

On 04/05/2024, in Rome at the address of Via Cesare Fracassini 13 A/B, the event "Stories of Women: The Diversity that Enrichs Italy" was held with great success, organized by the Welcome Association Italy in collaboration with prestigious partners such as the Italian-Arab Association Assadakah, the Union of African Communities of Italy (UCAI), the communication platform Vox Mundi wr, and the Cultural Association “Mangiaparole - Scuola di italiano”. The event was a moment of profound celebration of foreign women who, with tenacity and determination, achieved success in Italy, creating cultural bridges and enriching the social fabric of the country. Participation was exceptionally broad, with numerous associations demonstrating their attachment and centrality to promoting diversity and inclusion. The centerpiece of the event was a panel entirely made up of women, who shared their experiences, challenges and successes in the path of integration and achievement in Italy. A rich and multifaceted picture has emerged of the cultural diversity present in our country, and of the importance of valuing and celebrating the unique stories of every woman. This geographically and culturally diverse panel was composed of: • Fabiana Amarante, Ministry of the Interior, expert in Law Enforcement. • Somia Hadef, Counselor at the Embassy of Algeria. • Anna Spencer, Public Relations Manager of the African Communities Union of Italy. • Zeinab Ismail, President of al Huda Mosque. • Karen Thomas, international artist, exponent of the new neo-expressionist current. • Benedetta Triulzi, President of the Cultural Association “Mangiaparole - Italian School”. • Elsa Javier, Chef, Head of the gastronomic column of Vox Mundi vr. Thanks to the excellent moderator Maria Brunetti, Secretary of the SMA Foundation, to Carlo Palumbo, Deputy National Secretary of Welcome Association Italy, and to Talal Khrais, in the dual role of head of Assadakah's International Relations and translator, the participants' interventions sparked profound and inspired those present to commit to a more inclusive and respectful of differences future. At the end of the event, the panel discussed with the participants accompanied by a small refreshment, a precious opportunity to encourage meetings and insights on important issues for the associations present. Given the great success and enthusiasm generated by the event, many participants expressed the desire to see further initiatives on the same theme in the future. The call for more similar events is a testament to the importance and relevance of the discussions being addressed and the community's interest in continuing to explore the challenges and opportunities related to diversity and inclusion. In summary, the "Stories of Women: Diversity that Enrichs Italy" event represented an important step forward in promoting diversity and affirming the fundamental role of women in building a more open, welcoming and inclusive society.

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