Study In Italy: The Residence Permit You Need

The residence permit for study purposes is the title that allows non-EU citizens to spend part of their university career in Italy. It is fair to reiterate that among the reasons that bring millions of foreigners to Italy, there are more than magnificent cities of art, breathtaking landscapes, and millenary culture. A large portion of our members are international students who choose Italian academic institutions for their education. For this reason, today we will discuss the residence permit to study in Italy, in particular the documentation to be presented and how to obtain the permit.

Why Study In Italy?

We have often dealt with the subject of academic excellence, presenting the most important Italian universities, united by a synergy with our trade union to fully protect international students. In which way? Thanks to the Welcome Combo for non-EU citizens seeking a residence permit in Italy for more than 90 days for study purposes. This is a set of services that allow international students to obtain a residence permit to study in Italy. Before understanding what this package includes and why Welcome Association Italy is so useful for non-EU citizens, let’s look at the procedure for requesting a residence permit.

How To Apply For A Residence Permit For Study Reasons?

Obtaining a residence permit for study reasons can be summarized in five simple steps:
  • Applying for a visa for study reasons in the country of origin. Welcome Association Italy always advises you to consult the visa for Italy page for the documentation to be attached to the application
  • Arrival in Italy. The student can apply for a study permit within eight days from this date.
  • Requesting the residence permit. Go to the post office to buy the postal kit, enclose the documentation, which includes health coverage, and obtain the permit receipt
  • Appointment at the police station for photo fingerprinting
  • Issue of the permit.

The Documentation For Applying For A Residence Permit

The documentation for applying for a residence permit to study in Italy can vary depending on several factors.  Below are the standard application documents:
  • Duly completed form from the postal kit
  • Photocopy of passport: page with personal data, photograph, stamps, visas
  • Documentation proving enrolment in the activated course of study
  • Photocopy of the health insurance reflecting the requirements of the Italian authorities
  • Proof of economic means (e.g. possession of a credit card, active current account, other)
  • Proof of a suitable place of residence
  • Euro 16.00 revenue stamp.

 Why Choose Welcome Association Italy?

The Welcome combo for non-EU citizens applying for a residence permit is specially designed for students who intend to study in Italy. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, in the documentation to be submitted for the application for a residence permit there must be health coverage by Art. 39 c.3 T.U. n. 286/1998 and the Directive 01.03.2000 of the Ministry of the Interior. The combo that Welcome offers to its members includes coverage that complies with national legislation. In addition, the Welcome combo provides a wide range of services and benefits to those who subscribe to it. From healthcare services to courses to learn Italian at the theatre, to the possibility of organizing sightseeing tours.

Artyou Rome

Artyou Roma, a social promotion association, teaches and proposes all forms of the performing arts by bringing together the different worlds such as improvisation, theatre, sketch comedy, and stand-up comedy. Welcome Association Italy, in synergy with this association, offers its members the chance to participate in this extra-curricular activity, held both in English and Italian. An innovative way to meet people and learn Italian, perfect for foreigners arriving in Italy. Discover all the services that Welcome Association Italy offers its members and become part of the W.A.I. world.

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