WAI and ACR launched the Roman Taste Aperitivo event

Welcome Association Italy is a trade union whose mission is to support its member in a wide variety of ways and fields. The trade union's philosophy is based on "open" architecture in continuous evolution, capable of adapting the offer to the needs dictated by social, cultural, and economic changes that affect our members. Given the ambitious target to reach, our trade union is shaping its partnerships with organizations that share the importance of networking. The continuous search for synergies paves the way for the numerous services that Welcome Association Italy, along with its partners, provides to its members. On Friday 11 November, Welcome Association Italy announced its latest collaboration with an important partner that shares the very same values, namely the American Club of Rome. What is the American Club of Rome? The American Club of Rome is a non-profit organization that promotes a friendly exchange of American traditions, culture, and values. Its cosmopolitan and international approach, as well as the common goal of sharing culture and interests, represent the cornerstones of the partnership with our trade union. Therefore, the American Club of Rome gathers and welcomes American citizens and other international citizens that want to expand their social and professional networks through cultural, educational, and community-based exchange. The foundation of the American Club of Rome The club was established in 1953 by Henry R. Luce, the founder of one of the most iconic and authoritative journals in the world, TIME. Mr. Luce was in Rome thanks to his wife, Clare Boothe Luce, the US Ambassador in Rome in the early 50’s. During his stay in Rome, Mr. Luce soon realized the need to create an organization that provided opportunities for Americans to socialize and network while living abroad. What does the American Club of Rome do? Today, the American Club of Rome is an institution, not only for the American citizens in Rome, but for all the people that share its mission, namely the commitment to the enrichment of international friendships through participation in, and support of, activities of a business, social, civil, and charitable nature. If you share such mission and you want to join the club click here. How to seal a collaboration? Being aware of the scope and nature of the American Club of Rome, Welcome Association Italy has proposed to seal the new collaboration through Aperitivo. The event has been a real success thanks to the participation of numerous international citizens. A great start for mutual and synergic collaboration.  

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