Documentation for renewal of residence permit

Residence permit renewal is an essential step for non-EU citizens who decide to spend time in Italy. Our goal is to create a small guide for all foreign nationals who, having arrived in Italy, are faced with bureaucratic barriers. We have repeatedly covered the application procedures for residence permits, referring to various specific reasons such as study or family reunification. Today, however, we will discuss the renewal phase of the same permit, to understand what it consists of and what documentation to submit. Let's start with the renewal procedure. Index

The procedure for renewal of residence permit

The practice of renewing a residence permit consists of several steps aimed at legalizing the stay of non-EU citizens in Italy. First, it would be advisable to start the procedure 60 days before the expiration of the previous permit. These timelines are recommended and not imposed by the Italian authorities, which implies that there are no penalties for noncompliance. Penalties, however, may materialize if the non-EU citizen fails to apply for renewal beyond 60 days after the expiration of the previous one.

How to apply for renewal

Now that we know the timeframe within which you can apply to renew your residence permit and avoid penalties, we can proceed with the steps of the paperwork. The first recommended step is to retrieve the documentation to be submitted for the application. This step is crucial to avoid unnecessary waste of time. Depending on the reason for the requested permit, it will be the responsibility of the permit renewal applicant citizen to gather all the documentation to be included in the mail kit. Having obtained this information and documents, all that remains is to go to an authorized post office counter, purchase the postal kit and forward it.

Documentation for renewal of residence permit

As reiterated above, the documentation to be attached to the renewal application varies depending on the reason for which the permit is being applied for. For example, when applying for renewal of a permit with a study reason, it is necessary to submit a "certification of passing at least one proficiency exam for the 1st renewal." Net of these peculiarities and differences, it is possible to say that the documentation to be submitted to renew the residence permit consists of:
  • revenue stamp € 16.00;
  • Passport-sized passport photos;
  • Photocopy of valid passport;
  • Expiring residence permit;
  • tax code;
  • Health coverage reflecting the requirements of the authorities;
  • Certificate proving economic subsistence for the duration of the requested permit.

What to do once the postal kit is sent?

At this point, the paperwork is almost completed on the citizen's side of the renewal applicant. By submitting the postal kit, the non-EU citizen obtains a receipt of the permit application. This document replaces the residence permit in all respects, and will be valid until the physical document arrives. Finally, there is theappointment at police headquarters for photodactyloscopic surveys. At this point all that remains is to wait for the document. For your information only, you can check the status of your file by logging into the "foreigners" restricted area of the Immigration Portal with the credentials on your residence permit receipt.

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