Family Reunification Visa for Tunisian Citizens: How to Apply

Welcome Association Italy provides support to foreign citizens that require a Visa or Residence permit in Italy. The above-mentioned support concretizes the possibility of purchasing our Welcome Combos. These packages include the healthcare assistance and, the healthcare coverage required by the Italian authorities. However, our combos are subordinated to the reason for the Visa/Residence permit. Today we are going to introduce the Family reunification Visa for Tunisian citizens.
  1. What does it mean Family reunification Visa?
The family reunification visa allows entry into Italy for Tunisian citizens who want to reunite with members of the family unit. To do that, two conditions must be fulfilled:
  • The Tunisian citizen who invites has to be the holder of a residence card or permit with a duration of more than one year;
  • The residence card or permit of the Tunisian citizen invites must be issued for the following reasons: subordinate work, self-employment, asylum, study, or religious reasons.
  1. Who can apply for Family reunification?
Such a visa can be issued for a spouse not legally separated who is at least 18 years of age; dependent minor children, including those of the spouse or born out of wedlock, or born to non-married couples married or legally separated, provided that the other parent, if any, has given consent; dependent adult children; dependent parents.
  1. Where you can find the information?
At this point, foreign citizens that want to reunite with a family member in Italy should visit the website of the Italian Embassy in Tunis, in particular the Visa section. There he/she will find all the documents required to apply for the Visa in Italy, such as:
  • residence visa application form duly completed and signed;
  • valid passport three months longer than the duration of the stay;
  • a passport-size photo;
  • certification certifying possession of the family member's requirements or, if in possession, Nulla Osta of the Single Desk for Immigration
  • declaration of family status
In addition, the documentation required will also include other certificates. For instance, the purpose of the trip, the means of transport to and from, income documentation, means of subsistence during the journey and stay, the conditions of accommodation, and the healthcare coverage.
  1. Submission of the documents and final response from the Italian embassy
Once the documents required by the Italian Embassy in Tunis have been submitted according to the requirements, the Tunisian citizen seeking for the family reunification Visa must wait for the embassy’s response. We highlight that the correct submission of the documentation does not imply the release of the Visa.  

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