Italian Visa Procedure for Pakistani Citizens

Welcome Association Italy is a trade union that assists foreign citizens requesting a Visa or a Residence permit for many reasons. Among the many citizens that yearly enter Italy (through Visa) or that reside, for different reasons, in Italy (through residence permit), there is a huge community of Pakistani. In this article, we will try to provide you with all the useful information to simplify the Visa/residence permit application.
  1. Gather Information on the Italian Embassy Website
As the first step, it is strongly suggested to check the requirements of the Italian institutions to enter Italy. All these information are available on the website of the Italian embassy in Islamabad, in particular, in the Visa section.
  1. Check the Requirements for the Kind of Visa You Are Looking for
The Italian embassy has a website with a portal where you can easily see the list of documents required for the Visa. Feel free to check it here .
  1. Gather all the Documents Required to Apply for the Visa
Once you have checked all the documents required by the Italian institutions, you will be able to apply for the Visa. We remind you that, among the documents required, there is healthcare coverage for accidents and illness. Such healthcare coverage is the very same included in our combos for Visa and Residence permit requests.
  1. Submission and Final checks
At this point, you can apply for the Visa you are looking for. However, you must take into account the following information related to the issuing of the Visa:
  • The presentation of the documentation does not automatically guarantee the issuance of the visa;
  • Upon entering Italy and the Schengen area, even if you have a visa, the border authorities are authorized to check the documents required for issuing the visa;
  • Recent polio vaccination is mandatory for acceptance of the visa application.
  1. Enjoy Your Stay in Italy
If you have arrived at this step, you satisfied all the requirements of the Italian authorities. It means that you can freely travel across the Italian peninsula and visit all the wonderful places that connote Italy.  

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