Who can retire in Italy as a foreigner? Find out the requirements and incentives

Have you ever imagined going to live in a country celebrated for its deep-rooted history, world-class cuisine, and stunning landscapes? If you want to retire in Italy, this might just be the perfect spot to realize your dream. This picturesque country attracts retirees from across the globe, drawn by the promise of a tranquil yet enriching lifestyle amidst Italy’s scenic beauty.

But embarking on this exciting phase of life in Italy requires careful planning and understanding of what’s involved. From legal requirements to lifestyle changes, let’s explore the ins and outs of retiring in Italy.

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Is It Good to Retire in Italy?

Whether Italy is the right place for your retirement depends on your personal desires and lifestyle expectations. Italy boasts a lower cost of living compared to many Western countries, especially in less touristy areas. The country’s warm, communal culture facilitates making new friends and building a new life in retirement.

Moreover, Italy’s diverse geography offers everything from snowy alpine peaks to sunny coastal beaches, providing plentiful options for climate preference.

Retirement in Italy for EU Citizens

EU citizens enjoy a smoother transition to retirement in Italy, thanks to the European Union’s regulations. EU citizens can move freely and settle in Italy without the need for a visa. By registering at Registry Office and with the local health authority, EU retirees benefit from the same healthcare services as Italian nationals.

These benefits make Italy a particularly attractive destination for retirees from within the EU.

Understanding the Elective Residence Visa

To retire in Italy, non-EU nationals will primarily need an Elective Residence Visa. This special visa is designed for those who can financially support themselves without needing to work. Here are the key features:

  • Income Stability. Applicants must prove they have a reliable income from pensions, property rentals, investments, or other means. The requirement is about €31,000 per year for individuals, but this can vary slightly depending on the Italian consulate’s stipulations.
  • No Employment Permitted. This visa does not allow you to take up employment in Italy, reinforcing the need for sufficient personal income.
  • Renewal Requirements. The visa needs renewal every years, necessitating ongoing proof of financial stability and residence in Italy.

Navigating the visa process is your first step towards a leisurely retirement filled with Italian delights.

Income Requirements to Retire in Italy

Securing a financially stable retirement in Italy means meeting specific income thresholds. These are vital for visa approval and also for maintaining a comfortable lifestyle:

  • Single Applicants. Must demonstrate an annual income of approximately €31,000.
  • Couples. For couples, the requirement increases by about 20% to accommodate additional living expenses.

These amounts reflect the general cost of living, which can be higher in cities like Rome or Milan compared to rural areas.

Pros and Cons of Retiring in Italy

This choice offers numerous benefits but comes with its challenges as well. By weighing these, you can make a well-informed decision.


  • Cultural Immersion. Italy’s history stretches back thousands of years, offering endless exploration opportunities.
  • The Cuisine. Embrace the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle with Italy’s diverse culinary offerings.
  • High-Quality Healthcare. Italy’s healthcare system provides comprehensive services, a crucial factor for aging populations.


  • Language Barrier. Engaging with locals and facing everyday life can be challenging without basic Italian language skills.
  • Complex Bureaucracy. Italy’s administrative processes can be daunting, often requiring patience and persistence to navigate.

We can Assist You to Enjoy your Retirement in Italy

Retiring in Italy is an appealing prospect that, with the right preparation, can be deeply rewarding. Embracing Italy’s culture, understanding the legalities of residency, and preparing for a new lifestyle are all steps on the path to a joyful retirement. Italy not only promises a picturesque backdrop for your retirement years but also a culturally rich, relaxed lifestyle that many only dream of. With the right planning, this dream can become your reality, allowing you to enjoy your retirement surrounded by the beauty and warmth of Italian life.

If you need more information on our Welcome Combo for Non-EU Citizens applicants for a residence permit in Italy over 90 days for elective residence, please contact our staff.

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