The Italian Beauties: the Venaria Reale

Welcome Association Italy uses to provide every kind of support to its associates because the relation that ties the trade union with its members goes beyond the mere offer of services. For this reason, Welcome Association Italy promotes, supports, and shares information that could result interesting to its members: from the composition of our combo for extra EU citizens that come to Italy to study to the events that the trade union organizes, to the best places to visit in Italy for tourists or students Today we are going to introduce or present one of the most appreciated places in Turin, namely the Venaria Reale.   What are we talking about?   Settled close to Turin, the first and most elegant capital of the Kingdom of Italy, Venaria Reale is a small city worldly known for the wonderful Reggia of Venaria Reale. The Italian term “Reggia” usually indicates impressive royal palaces conceived to show the magnificence of the Royal families who built them. The Reggia di Venaria Reale does not represent an exception to this rule, indeed, it is one of the many buildings that the Italian sovereign house of Savoy projected and used as a hunting lodge. The Royal palace, whose construction lasted more than twenty years, was inaugurated in 1679 by Carlo Emanuele II, duke of Savoy. The area of the Reggia is impressive, 950.000 square meters, which includes the Reggia, the magnificent gardens, elected as the most beautiful gardens in Italy in 2019, and the park.   The Theater of History and Magnificence   Today, the Reggia, elected as UNESCO heritage in 1997, houses a museum that offers several interesting exhibitions such as the “Theater of history and magnificence”. According to the website of the Reggia di Venaria Reale: “The enchanting scenery of the seventeenth-century building with the Sala di Diana, the elegance of the Galleria Grande with music by Brian Eno, the solemnity of the Chapel of Sant'Uberto and the grandeur of the Juvarrian stables, eighteenth-century masterpieces by Filippo Juvarra, the suggestive on court life Repopulating the Palace, by Peter Greenaway, represent the ideal setting for the Theater of History and Magnificence.”   An experience that you cannot miss.   How to buy the tickets   You can book the visit to the Reggia di Venaria Reale from the official website or, in alternative from the main ticket office in Mensa 34 street, Venaria Reale. The prices of the tickets vary according to what you want to see, so check the website and choose your ticket.   How to get there   Since it was a hunting lodge, the Reggia is located in the countryside close to Turin, therefore to get there the administration suggests different methods such as, by car, by bus (Venaria express or the public transportation), by train or by bike if you want to enjoy the Corona Verde, a cycle trail.      

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