Welcome Association Italy:Global Health and International Health Cooperation

On May 23, 2024, at the prestigious Sala Esperienza Europa named after David Sassoli in Piazza Venezia, 6 - Rome, Carlo Palumbo, Deputy National Secretary of Welcome Association Italy, participated in the event "Global Health and International Health Cooperation." The meeting was attended by experts and representatives of various international organizations involved in promoting health in developing countries through cooperation and innovation projects. During the event, Europe's intervention in health advocacy in poor countries was discussed, with a focus on the implementation of dedicated projects such as health digitization. The European Union, through the Directorate of National Affairs, coordinates NGO partners sent to nations where there is an ongoing health emergency. Notable interventions include:
  • Professor Foad Aodi: stressed the importance of physicians internationally, highlighting how medical knowledge should be accessible to everyone, especially those most in need, without discrimination.
  • His Excellency H.E. Saywan Sabir Mustafa Barzani the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Italy: outlined the current situation in Iraq, sharing the organizations' initiatives in Nassiriya.
  • His Excellency H. E. Julien Vincent Brunie, Ambassador of the Order of Malta to Morocco: spoke about the health situation in Morocco, describing it as a bridge between the Western and African worlds.
  • Dr. Lintz President Association AEXPI Rio de Janeiro Brazil: told his personal experience, demonstrating how medicine can improve the lives of the sick through daily stories in poor areas of Brazil.
Carlo Palumbo reiterated Welcome Association Italy's commitment to supporting the European community's philosophy of networking to provide health care to foreigners and ensure health protection for anyone in need. Welcome Association Italy will continue to collaborate with institutions and NGOs to promote global health and international health cooperation.

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