Discover the Benefits of Our Partner CFK

How can we improve or simplify the situation of our members? That’s our goal, assists always our members by providing the best services. But an ambitious mission cannot be fulfilled alone. For this reason, Welcome Association Italy continuously works on improving and enhancing its wide network of partners specialized in defined fields. For instance, we have developed important partnerships with private universities to provide language courses and other partnerships with estate agencies with the aim of providing accommodation services. Today we will introduce CKF, which stands for Centri Kinesis Fisioterapici, one of the latest partnerships finalized for the welfare of our associates.   What is CKF The Polyclinics CKF Kinesis Physiotherapy Centers operate in Bologna, Rome, Cosenza, and Lamezia Terme. The main feature of CKF is its network of renowned professionals who work in university clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes in Bologna, in the rest of the national territory, and also in some foreign countries, in the most varied medical, surgical and diagnostic specialties. The Polyclinics CKF are centers of excellence in physiotherapy and functional rehabilitation, sports medicine, diagnostics, and countless practical clinical specialties.   Why CKF The CKF Medical Group Centers place at the center of their activities an intense work of research and updating, treating thousands of patients a year and relying on the teamwork of over one hundred professionals including medical specialists and rehabilitation therapists. The authority and strength of innovation are the cornerstones in the strategic choice of placing the patient as a person at the center of the CKF DI Giorno Medical Group Polyclinic system and not just as a client. That is the common point between CKF and Welcome Association Italy, the mutual aim of supporting and assisting our associates.   The benefits of the partnership Thanks to the agreement between Welcome Association Italy and CFK, our associates can benefit from a 30% discount on the official tariff that can be consulted and downloaded from the CKF website, valid for all locations. A great help for foreign associates who travel or study in Italy for short periods.  

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