The Vacation Work Visa For Italy

The vacation work visa is a permit used by non-EU citizens who decide to spend some quality time in Italy. As the reason for the permit suggests, this document allows non-EU citizens to stay for more than 90 days, for work or simply for a holiday. Having said that, it is necessary to unravel several points related to this particular residence permit for Italy, for example, who can apply for it? How can one apply for it? What documents have to be submitted? In this short article, we will examine the most frequently asked questions about it. Index What Is The Vacation Work Visa? Who Can Apply For It? How To Apply For It? What Is A Working Holiday?

What Is A Vacation Work Visa?

The vacation work permit is a relatively “new” document. It falls into the category of work-motivated residence permits. At the same time, as stated in the Testo Unico sull’Immigrazione, this permit is not included in the quota of non-EU citizens who enter Italy through the Flussi Decree. This type of permit was conceived to encourage cultural exchanges between new generations from different countries. For this reason, this permit can only be issued to the citizens of countries with which Italy has concluded a bilateral agreement. Moreover, this permit cannot be renewed and/or converted.

Who Can Apply For It?

As mentioned above, this residence permit is designed to facilitate cultural exchanges. With this in mind, the Italian authorities allow non-EU citizens between 18 and 35 years old to apply for this visa. Moreover, there is another peculiarity linked to those who can apply for this permit, namely the country of origin. Only citizens of countries that have concluded a bilateral treaty with Italy can apply for the vacation work permit. Currently, the countries are: Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea.

How To Apply For It?

Aware of the limitations imposed by the Italian authorities to apply for this title, the application follows the standard procedure for any visa and/or permit. It is necessary to enquire about the documentation to be presented when applying for the visa at the Italian Embassy/Consulate of the country of origin. Welcome Association Italy always recommends using the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Visa for Italy. It should be noted that, in some cases, documentation is discussed directly in the bilateral treaties stipulated by the countries involved. Having collected the documentation, which we will deal with below, the applicant must apply for the permit within the canonical 8 days.

What Documents Must Be Presented?

According to the Visa for Italy website, the documents to apply for a vacation work visa are:
  • Entry visa application form;
  • Passport-sized photograph;
  • Valid passport;
  • Requirements and conditions stated in the text of the bilateral agreements stipulated.
As reported on the Farnesina website, the list of documents may vary depending on the treaties signed by the countries. It follows that the non-EU citizen interested in the vacation work permit should enquire by contacting the relevant authorities in the country of origin.

What Is A Working Holiday?

Finally, to provide our members with a complete overview, we conclude this short introductory guide with the last peculiarity of this permit. We have reiterated that this permit is designed for 18-35-year-old people to allow cultural exchanges in the country of interest of more than 90 days. Therefore, the extra EU citizen can spend a year on holiday without any problems, but on the work side there are some minor restrictions to take into account:
  • The duration of employment may not exceed 6 months out of a total of 12;
  • Unless previously stated, the citizen may not work for more than 3 months with the same employer.
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